Pirates v Reds, PNC Park, 9/8-10/2016

9/8, Thursday

Cincinnati was poor all around, with toss ups and hit balls.  All they really have is Brandon Phillips and maybe some Adam Duvall for LF, and they have nothing from the left hand side of the plate to cause any stir during bp.  When I asked Tony Cingrani if he could toss me a ball he was getting near the warning track he replied to me, “I’m not a dog.”  I guess inferring that he’s not out there to fetch baseballs, idk.

Anyway the majority of the baseballs I got during the two times I was able to see the Reds take bp came from the Brandon Phillips group.

Ball # 1/2 both came on the fly, and Ball #3 was a scrum in the upper bleachers.

9/9, Saturday

In this one I received a toss up from Herby Andrade for Ball #1 and the only one of a quick and weak Pirates bp.

Ball #2 was tossed up by a Reds bullpen player I couldn’t recognize at the LF wall.

Ball #3 scrum, and Ball #4 a caught homer off the bat of Brandon Phillips for Ball #4.




Pirates v Cardinals, PNC Park, 9/6-7/2016

For the first time in as long as I can remember the Cardinals bp provided a lot of hit ball opportunities and some players that were friendly with the toss up.

9/6, Tuesday

I got things going with a toss up from Herby Andrade, and September call up Drew Hutchison for Ball #1/2.

Over in the newly opened CF seats I lined up with Steven Brault for Ball #3.

Not too long after this I was able to find a ball not found to any others that was sitting neatly in between two chairs, Ball #4.


Five hit balls from Cardinals hitters to include Randall Grichuk x two scrum, and a caught homer off the bat of Brandon Moss brought me to 9 baseballs on the day.

In LF a homer bounced up into the open handicap section which was an easy grab to the left for Ball #10 on the day.

9/7, Wednesday

Sueng-Hwan Oh who has proved to be on the generous side tossed my up Ball #1 on the day early on.


Moments after a high homer run came into the CF front row which was an easy catch for Ball #2.

I played the river walk for Brandon Moss and Matt Carpenter and came away with a one bounce on the concrete and off the roof of the beer stand in the pic.  Ball #3-4.


Ball #5 was a caught homer on the riverwalk, Ball #6 a scrum in the CF seats and to end things a caught homer off the bat of Jeremy Hazelbaker to end the day with 7 baseballs.





Cubs v Pirates, Wrigley Field, 8/29-30-31/2016

I made the trip to Chicago to see Wrigley field, my 18th ballpark, after the Pirates swept the Brewers in a four game series.  It seemed like the Pirates were on the verge of emerging as one of the two wild cards at the time.  However, it was actually a series that began a long losing streak that led to the Pirates exit from wild card contention.

Iconic Chicago..


Chi-Town, The Windy Cinty


After taking the subway from downtown over to Wrigley I took a walk around the ancient field, there was a good deal of construction going on around the ball park.  Maybe they can just level Wrigley Field and build something nice.


First view of Wrigley featuring Ron Santo, the new young stardom of the Cubs, and the old look of Wrigley.


Mr. Cub


The Home Plate view..


From Behind CF


On Waveland Ave


This bar/restaurant Murphy’s was across the street which featured some good beer on tap, and a lot of Cubs memorabilia from over the years.



Around 4:00 pm a nice little patch of rain clouds rolled through and did enough damage to cancel out Pirates and Cubs bp.

Although the skies cleared and the field appeared more on the dry side this was the scene.


I didn’t really want to play the Heberto Andrade card this early, but the anxiety of being such out at Wrigley on the first game there was too much for me.  I waited around near the Pirates on field bullpen, chatted with Herby close to game time and came through with my first baseball at Wrigley Field.


View from my RF seat at the sea of Cubs fans from RF.


Jason Heyward, once Cardinal, once Brave..


In what would be a thirteen inning affair, and painful loss for the Pirates I headed over to get a better view from the first base box section, the Wrigley field ushers payed me no mind at all.  Before sitting however I hung out watching from the crosswalk and tunnel and to my surprise Jordy Mercer lifted a foul ball my way.  The ball just missed me on the fly and hit off a seat into the crosswalk where I got on it quickly for my second foul ball ever, 15th total game ball.


Close up of the Cuban Missile, with Juan Nicasio guarding the bullpen.


8/30, Tuesday

After the thirteen inning affair Monday, and another flurry of storms that came through it would be another non bp for either the Pirates or Cubs.


Nothing to do but take some more pics of Wrigley, here is a pic of the RF to CF wall.  Francisco Cervelli was doing some work with a medicine ball in the corner with Herby Andrade at the time..medicine ball in mid air.


Matt Joyce taking some cuts outside the doors to the indoor batting cages under RF.

The one and only baseball I obtained during this one was from a generous Jared Hughes.


I took a little abuse being alone and wearing Black and Gold, I gave it back though with friendly reminders of how long its been since the Cubbies won a WS.


View of Starling Marte from LF seats.


Cubs Nation, not many Pirates fans to be found.


Met a couple of ghost Cubs behind the LF seating, I hope they all get older and older without a WS..


Waveland View from inside, with some ball hawks hanging around waiting for homers.


View from LF of the sunset.


8/31, Wednesday

To explore and do some good sightseeing of Chicago I ran for about twelve miles and was able to take in most of what Chicago had to offer.

My run took me toward the Willis Tower where I took a break to view Chicago from 1353 feet and 103 floors up.


From above.


Trump Towers with a huge, two story, very clean and well run Mcdonald’s.


Random, building sized mural.


Chicago Bean at Millennium Park


I passed by Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears.


And, the best full skyline view I could get of Chicago on the banks of Lake Michigan with the Buckingham fountain in foreground.


Finally there was batting practice at Wrigley Field, no Cubs, and two groups of Pirates.  Although this wasn’t much it seemed like a lot given nothing the past two days.

Pirates warming up early..  I was able to manage a toss up from Starling Marte prior to the start of Pirates bp.


Ball # 2 came via a John Jaso homer that landed in one of the baskets that hang above the RF wall.


Close up of the Scoreboard.


AJ Schugel tossed up Ball #3 near the RF foul pole and Pirates equipment manager Scott Bonnet tossed up Ball #4 which was a Cubs commemorative at the visiting Pirates dugout as he traditionally does for Pirates away games.

3 games, 7 baseballs







Pirates v Astros, PNC Park, 8/22/2016

Ill start right off with this, I would love to have the NL Central Astros back, because these ones are not the least bit friendly, and put on a crappy display of hitting.  Carlos Lee, and Hunter Pence used to lite the place up with homers to LF, and the often fun and non chalant wild bunch of the Astros bullpen tossed up a lot of baseballs.  Wilton Lopez got to know Erik J and I and would always connect with us at PNC or on the road.  These Astros, meh, at best…

On a Monday after a three game home losing streak to the fish, and kids returning to school the crowd was kind of big.

CF was opened for business though, the Pirates reporting they are giving it a try, still no RF entrance however until 530.  Makes a lot of sense since they keep offering more and more early entrance packages with no where to put the people but packed into the LF bleachers for an hour.. This did clear out LF enough though for me to come up with a homer catch off the bat of Eric Fryer, a running catch with a little lean through an open aisle.  Later on, a caught homer from an unidentified Astro in the second row.

Heberto Andrade was finally back and hooked up a baseball to make three on the day..




Pirates vs Marlins, PNC Park, 8/19-20-21/2016

Friday 8/19

Of all the MLB gear I have or have had for each team, there are no other team logo’s or color combinations that I like to wear more then the Miami Marlins.

marlins gear and baseballs

Marlins players, no matter the venue I have seen them play (PNC, Marlins Park, Arlington) have always been generous with toss ups.

Without Mike Stanton a lot of the excitement about the Marlins batting practice went out the window, and they were all around pretty bad for hit balls.

Both Friday and Saturday looked like this.

burgn on nice day

It was also cool to have an unexpected appearance from Dennis Mora from Miami, we got to catch up, have a good throwing session and have fun during batting practice.

nick and dennis

Friday I came away with two baseballs, a scrum during the Pirates shortened bp, and a toss up from Jose Urena on the RF wall.  Urena is extra friendly with toss ups as he threw several baseballs into the stands.

urena in rf

Saturday 8/20

This was set up to be a good day, the right ticket checker in place, good weather, full Pirates, and friendly Marlins.

Things started off good with a caught homer of Starling Marte, scrum of a David Freese homer that went into the concourse under the bleachers and a toss up from a Pirates staff throwing a ball to PNC Lauren that she botched.  3 baseballs to start things off was nice with the Marlins to come.

Over on the Clemente Wall I connected with Fernando Rodney.


Urena again, here he is a cool pic of him warming up prior to his W Sunday.

best urena in pen

And another Marlin who had a pullover on for Ball #6 on the day.  The corner spot on the Clemente Wall worked well.

Reeling in some fish.


On the way back over to LF I noticed Jose Fernandez who has hooked me up x 3 now between MIA and PGH tossing every ball he got into the stands, underhanded and deep.  Above the bullpen with the MIA gear I got Jose’s attention.  He impressively underhanded one right to me on the walkway behind the Pirates bullpen, Ball #7 of the day.

jose fernandez toss in cf

Closer pic back over in LF as he tossed up ball, after ball after ball.

fernandez two

Sunday 8/21

Juan Nicasio, after warming up with his pal Neftali Feliz tossed a ball that sailed over Dominik’s head in the front row which was an easy catch for Ball #1.

nicasio and feliz

Andrew Mccutchen saw me and my pretty girl Shianne for a between innings warm up ball toss up in CF.

shi shi

We had a great time watching a game prior to their first day of school for 2016.

Another hi-lite of the Marlins series was being able to see Ichiro post 3000 hits, one of the most incredibly disciplined and well prepared players there has been.

Dominik and I watched his throwing warmup, and stretching routine along with plenty others hoping for an autograph, I was just glad to see him in preparation.

ichiro throwin


ichiro stretch 2

And quickly trotting off the field after his warm up to many peoples demise.

ichiro running off field




And this baseball from Juan Nicasio lived a lot longer then most…..

beat up nicasio ball


Pirates v Padres, PNC Park, 8/9-10/2016

Friday 8/9

This one began well with a first toss up from Pirates pitching prospect Tyler Glasnow who was throwing lots of baseballs into the crowd.


I also came up with a scrum of a Jung Ho Kang homer, and a caught homer from Alex Dickerson on the RF river walk.

3 baseballs

Saturday 8/10

This game was supposed to be a good one with the Pirates full bp in store and another shot at Alex Dickerson and the other Padres who were putting on a good show on the river walk.  The good ticket checker was lined up for duty also.

And this happened which was all the action to see.


I took a stroll in the upper deck on the chance that a Pirates pitcher dumped a wet warm up ball high up.


I did find a baseball to avoid a shutout, not up top however, in LF after entering the bleachers. A nice rubbed up baseball.





Pirates v Reds, PNC Park, 8/5/2016

Nothing much to see here, the Pirates didn’t take bp, but Herbie Andrade was on his way in from the bullpen as we entered the bleachers, he didn’t fail to hit up me and Erik for a baseball to get on the board.

After this I came away with a scrum of a deep Eugenio Suarez homer in LF.


Indians v Twins, Progressive Field, 8/3/2016

Back to the LAND with Dominik for the first time since the Cleveland Cavaliers became the first NBA team to come back from a 3-1 finals deficit on the strength of an otherworldly performance by King James.

Always Believe

always believe

Sunshine, Dominik, and Lebron James

pell and bron

A lot going on here in this cool mural we stumbled upon.


We headed first to the Cavaliers gift shop which was a much anticipated event, coming away with a championship pennant, championship hat, and an LBJ shirt for me.  After this we had a nice lunch at the Tilted Kilt.

At batting practice the Indians would finish up early prior to game time, the Twins may as well have not hit either as they provided nothing in the way of hit balls, we focused on thrown balls throughout.

Dominik and I both got a toss up from fan friendly Kyle Gibson, Ball #1.


Jose Berrios tossed me up Ball #2, and an unknown Twins reliever came over near the end of bp to throw myself and Erik Jabs a baseball to end things at a total of 3 baseballs for me one for Dominik.


We had the bullpen reserve tickets, no game home run, but we had a good time watching and talking baseball with a nice view.


Baseballs, and Tony our Boxer puppy of 3 months.



Pirates v Mariners, PNC Park, 7/26-27/2016


Well the Mariners sure came with the thunder for bp, this first one on Tuesday was the shortened version of Pirates bp with the first game of the series meetings, I came away with one ball on a scrum by hurdling some bleachers on a hit ball by I believe Jung Ho Kang, Ball #1.

Excitement was in the air for the Mariners as Erik Jabs came away with a Toronto 40th season commemorative baseball, which are gems.  I was eager to add this to my Cubs 100th commemorative’s I got earlier in the year.

I felt pretty good about getting a caught homer on the right center portion of the river walk with Seattle having Cano, Seager, Seth Smith, Adam Lind,etc still to come from the left side of the plate.  I especially hoped to get the Toronto commemorative off the bat off Robinson Cano who remains one of my favorite current MLB Players, of which I had yet o catch a homer from or get a toss up from.


Robby Cano did end up hitting me a towering can of corn behind the handicap seats which turned out to be a Toronto 40th commemorative baseball, clean too.

Toward the end of the Mariners bp another lefty who I couldn’t identify hit a homer that just missed landing on the Roberto Clemente wall, it took a big bounce, almost over the back wall of the stadium.  I was able to get to its landing spot and reach up on it for a snag of another Toronto 40th commemorative to end the day with 3 baseballs.

Cole Adkins was in town, and I was with Cole when I got the Cubs 100th commemorative earlier this year in Cincinnati, he brings good luck.

Here we are at the end of the game with Erik Jabs also..

group pic

July 27-Wednesday

It was another beautiful summer night in Pittsburgh, the skyline shined with a gold tint as the sun set.

gold sky

The Pirates would hold a full bp which helped matters, I was able to come up with a caught Jung Ho Kang homer on the left field crosswalk handicap seats, as well as a Heberto Andrade toss up for Ball #1/2.

On the way into the CF seats usher Jim was in the act of tossing a baseball to the fans at the gate, with perfect timing I intercepted it bare handed for Ball #3.  I gave it to the nearest kid at the CF gate and continued into the seats.

Ball #4 was a caught homer behind the handicapped seats on the right center portion of the river walk, and Ball #5 a scrum I gave away to a nearby kid.

Two game set-8



seattle balls toronto comm


Pirates v Phillies, PNC Park, 7/23/2016

This one would prove to be no better then the previous two ballgames that were shortened and eliminated by the heat.  Today the gates opened at 2:00pm, with another half hour wait to get into the seating areas.

I decided to play for a toss up at the CF gate since the Pirates were already off the field by 2pm.  It worked out, the Phillies were not fielding for the early portion of bp.  When the pitchers finally started fielding the baseballs 5 plus sat on the track which were all tossed up to the fans.  One of them I was able to scrum for Ball #1.

gate scrum

Then this occurred..

rainy day

Which allowed for me the chance to get into the CF seating and find a baseball that the ushers didn’t get to from the pouring rain, Ball #2, I gave this away to a young kid afterwards.  A thankful kid, which often isn’t the case.